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The Russian Emigration: the Sociohistorical Phenomenon, its Role and Place in the Cultural and Historical Legacy


Publisher Алетейя, 2013

ISBN: 9785914198524

Pages: 360

Genres: Научные монографии

Disciplines: Культурология


In his book Professor Efim Pivovar studies the phenomenon of the Russian Emigration since the second half of the 19th until the early 21st century. He analyzes specific reasons for emigration, the structure and features of the Russian diasporas in various countries including former Soviet republics. The book studies the process of shaping and interaction of the flow and waves of the Russian Emigration, their quantitative and qualitative characteristics, their influence on the culture and internal affairs in Europe, the US, and the countries of the Asian Pacific.
The book presents a complex, multifaceted and in many ways contradictory picture of the evolution of the Russian Emigration in the globalized world, illustrates the role it plays in the history and culture of Russia and the world as a whole.
The book is intended for readers both in Russia and abroad, specialists in the Russian history and culture, as well as for general audience.